GTAAs Charles Yu exclaimed in BLOOMBERG NEWS, “There’s a good chance you’ve heard: “Grand Theft Auto V,” the latest installment of the storied video game franchise, took in over $1 billion in its first week. That’s more than any movie released this year, with the exception of “Iron Man 3” (which happens to be the fifth highest-grossing movie of all time). At this rate, “GTA V” could be a nontrivial contributor to the U.S. gross domestic product. It’s a cultural event.”

Yu did some math and came up with an interesting figure – a player may get 1000 hours of play from GTA V.  “That makes the $60 retail price a bargain: 100 hours of gameplay at $0.60 an hour. Compare that with the price of admission to a movie, even a two-and-a-half hour megaproduction.”

That got me to thinking about other video games that may not be as popular – they still give you a bang for your buck.  If you play a $50 game for 50 hours, isn’t that something like .25 per hour?  Still cheaper than Red box!

Yu has more: “It’s tempting to think of it as an open-ended movie: it’s written and directed by storytellers skilled in the cinematic form and produced by an expert group of visual designers. In that sense it feels like a big movie production. As the scale and complexity of these games increase — and as our ability to simulate and render nuance and emotion and ambiguity increases – – these games are starting to verge on something entirely new. Whatever one might feel about the storyline of “Grand Theft Auto V,” it is hard to deny that it is pushing the boundary of the form.”

What’s next?

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2 thoughts on “GTA V – more than a game

  1. There is a huge multi-player online portion of this game that goes “live” October 1st. So potentially hundreds of hours for some people. Many single player games end up being like 5-10 hours, so much lower per-hour value.


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