DucksI admit it – I am the very last living soul in the United states of America who knows NOTHING about Duck Dynasty.

I take that back – my ex told me they live in the bushes, they made lots of money going “Quack, quack,” and they offer a prayer or a homily at the end of each show.

Well, I do not get A&E on my non-cable television, so I repeat, I know nothing about Duck Dynasty.

Except they are all over EVERYWHERE!

I feel like a crazed duck trying to duck under every bush to escape them, but they find me with huge cutouts, t-shirts, videos, and now, news items!  HELP!!!!

May I add – I don’t WANT to know anything about Duck Dynasty!

FOX NEWS just told me stuff I absolutely do not understand –

Willie (?) said, ““I did an event down in Cancun, and the show actually came on, and I thought  about ‘Who has to translate Uncle Si?’” Willie mused. “We don’t know what he’s  talking about so good luck translating him.”

Okay – sorry, but that flew right over my head.

“The beards haven’t always been around.”  Mine either.  It comes and it goes.  My ex hinted she might buy me a t-shirt.  I must have had some hair-growth at the time.  I finally had the gumption to pipe up, “No, thanks.”

Yes, Si is “that crazy” – Okay.  Me too.  All this hype about Duck Dynasty is driving me crazy!!



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