Remember the Steppenwolf song BORN TO BE WILD? “Get your motor runnin’  Head out on the highway Lookin’ for adventure, And whatever comes our way,”

Or Marlon Brando and his Black Rebels Motorcycle Club in the movie THE WILD ONES?

Well, this ain’t your father’s biker gang any more.

I have a couple of sons with motorcycles, and they ride them into work.  Sean is a high-ranking IT specialist, and Robert works for a title insurance company.  Neither one has ever been involved in a fight, or smashed up a town.

Just the opposite.

Sean saw a fellow rider go down on his bike, so he took his own bike down to prevent running over his friend.  Cost our son many broken bones, including a broken neck.

Sean is a very dedicated officer with the VIKING CHAPTER of the ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION of AMERICA, and scurries from one event to the other as fast as he can.  The rallies and shows celebrate ancient bikes, how they work, and how they are rebuilt.  The camaraderie is tight.

Sean wrote an article for THUNDER PRESS magazine.  We live several states apart, so I really wanted a copy of his story.  Eventually, I discovered that was impossible as THUNDER PRESS publishes regional magazines. As I visited one bike store after another, I noted this bunch of riders obviously getting ready for a rally, or maybe just a ride down the highway.  What struck me the most was the friendship they all had for one another.  They were FAMILY.

WithKyHere is an excerpt from Sean’s article – it gives you just a tiny taste of what REALLY goes on inside the biker community nowadays: The “civilianized” motorcycles on display in the Viking AMCA booth were a big hit with the crowd, but nothing compared to the attention drawn by the twin rocket-powered motorcycle built by Ky Michaelson. Yep, that’s right—two 1,500-pound thrust-rocket motors mounted inside a 1977 Harley-Davidson Sportster. Michaelson is famous around the world for his long career as a drag racer, Hollywood stuntman and builder of some of the fastest machines ever to hit a drag strip or the salt flats. The highlight of his rocket-powered career was his role leading the team that won the original “X-Prize” in 2004 as the very first civilian rocket launched into outer space. But back in ’77, Michaelson was building drag cars and bikes, breaking records and pulling off crazy stunts. In fact, ’77 was the year that his rocket-powered drag car, piloted by the legendary racer Kitty O’Neil, shattered the record for the quarter-mile, running it in 3.22 seconds at 412 mph!  THUNDER PRESS – July 5, 2013  

US-ATTACKS-9/11-ANNIVERSARYNow days, bikers are more likely to show up at funerals, or gather together by the millions to remember the 9/11 attacks.

“2 Million Bikers to DC: – Motorcycle Riders Roll into Washington. The event commemorates those who died in the terrorist attacks twelve years ago.” TIME NEWS FEED

This ain’t your father’s biker gang any more.


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