I didn’t know it, but the Dell Computer is named after Michael Dell!  Fancy that.

I remember seeing “product placement” of Dells in many shows – usually crime dramas or offices.

Now, not so much.  It seems Michael Dell had a bad spell and lost his own company!  Cheee.

The Winnipeg Free Press reports, “Michael Dell has won control of the computer company he started in an Austin dorm room nearly 30 years ago, buying the beleaguered PC maker Thursday from its public shareholders after a months-long boardroom fight. . . . . The company’s profit dropped more than 70 per cent during its most recent fiscal second quarter compared with the same period the previous year. It was once a market leader, but it now captures just about 12 per cent of worldwide PC sales.”

Now here comes the most interesting sentence in the entire article, “Demand for PCs has plummeted as consumers delay buying a new computer and opt for a tablet. The International Data Corp. analysis firm projected Thursday tablet sales would overtake PCs this holiday season for the first time.”

This article comes at the exact time I am looking at buying a new laptop.  I am ALMOST persuaded to go MAC.

I’ve been  PC since Day One, but I know a few MAC attackers, and they would NOT give up their books for love nor money.

So, I did a little research.

MacDIF EN tells me, “Mac operating system has traditionally been more stable than Windows. The main reason for this is that Apple used to produce both the hardware (Mac computer) and the software (Mac operating system); they had better control over the integration of the entire system. Now Apple uses the same architecture as a PC, but is selective about the components within the system to ensure stability. Since the Windows operating system can run on hundreds of different types of computers, variations in hardware configurations within those computers can cause stability problems. Another reason for this is also that since PCs are the more popular choice in the Desktop market so most hackers and virus writers always target PCs making the MAC OS not a common target for virus attacks.”

Gaming is not something I do, but we all know the PC smashed the MAC in that category.  Next subject.

This one is important: “Macs now ship with the Mac OS X operating system. Since Apple Macs now run on Intel processors, they can run Windows. Apple has also released a software kit called Bootcamp for running Windows on the Mac.”

This sounds cool, but I am not really a geek, so this would just be for bragging rights: “Mac computers are most widely used in the creative professional market, including in journalism and desktop publishing, video editing and audio editing, but have also made inroads into the educative and scientific research sectors. PCs are also used with some of the video and audio editing and research purposes but are found largely as the Home or Office Computer. (As I said) PCs are also widely used in gaming due to a wider variety of games available for the Windows platform.”

“Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite & Cloud are available for both Windows and Mac platforms. (But do I have to pay MAC extra, like I have to pay Windows?) Other productivity software like OpenOffice and StarOffice is also available for all platforms. Apple’s iWork office suite, which includes Pages (word processor), Numbers (spreadsheets) and Keynote (presentation maker) are only available on the Mac and iOS platforms.”

Okay, this is starting to get a little too technical for me, so let’s get to the bottom line.

I do know the MAC is going to cost me more – starting at around a thousand bucks.

“.. . . . a MAC can run Windows on it.  Apple does not allow the use of its operating system on non-Apple hardware. So a Windows PC cannot run Mac OS X. (However, the Hackintosh project allows users to run Mac OS on any supported Intel-based PC.)

One last challenge, walking in to Best Buy – the only place that sells MAC in my town – and catching the right salesman who can explain all of the above.

THEN, I want him/her to explain the best deal on a tablet!


Michael Dell story



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