My mother used to tell the story with relish how my father carried me into a cave when I was very, very young.  So young that I have no recollection of the event.

I do, however, love caves!

Ah, except for the one with the crawl space entry.  We passed a baby rattler on the way down – that was fine.  It was the fact the opening was smaller than my chest, waist, hips – oh, you get the picture.  I had to sit that one out.

But I have enjoyed Mount Timpanogas, and Logan cave.  The guides wouldn’t let us crawl around and explore in Timpanogas, and there wasn’t much to the side tunnels in Logan Cave.  So, all-in-all, I haven’t had as much fun as I could have in caves.

One of these days, I would love to explore Carlsbad.  Once again, I’d rather do it on my own, and find out stuff for myself – find rooms no one else has ever found.  Stare at limestone pools without anyone telling me it was time to go.

But I digress.

Tonight (Sept. 14, 2013) on NBC, they showed us this magnificent cave in Tennessee – Cumberland Caverns.  Oh, my heck, the rooms are, well, HUGE!

TBluegrasshis one “room” is so large, and so arranged as to be acoustically welcome.  So welcome, in fact, they have regular performances down there called, “Bluegrass Underground.”

No THAT is something I  have to see!

As the cavern website explains, ” Bluegrass Underground can be seen live at Cumberland Caverns. Live performances are streamed world-wide on wsmonline.com. . . .  Concerts can be seen nationwide now on PBS.”

But dang it all, I want to actually BE there.

If you live in Tennesse, or plan to travel through, visit the cavern’s website, and make plans to explore a cave so large, it has its own chandelier!  Take a tour as well as listen to one of the concerts.

Meanwhile, here are a few videos to get you in the mood.

Watch this incredible slideshow from NBC News.

You might just want to add this one to YOUR bucket list!



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