Treadmill1As we speak, two workers from Sears are putting together my new Crosswalk 370 Treadmill.

The thing was on “sale,” for only $389.88.  Regular price, $550.  (Does anyone charge “regular price any more?)

Add $124.99 for “Set up and delivery.” Add $124.99 for “Three year warranty.” Add $35.27 for tax TOTAL $675.13

All on credit.

Hmmm, I just saw the price has been lowered to $370.39 – I wonder if they will refund the difference.

I have a letter from my doctor saying I need the thing for my bad heart, etc. so I hope to get a medical deduction at the end of the year.

So, here I am with a $675 machine that is absolutely famous for getting set aside to gather dust after only a few months.

ALL exercise equipment probably has a shelf life of, what, three to six months before they are ignored – or given to charity?

Will I be any different?

I hope so.

I joined Planet Fitness February 5, so I was active on that treadmill for exactly seven months.

Bad weather is setting in, and I hope to save travel expenses by exercising at home.

(Hmmmm, Planet Fitness DID pay the electric bill for a top-of-the-line treadmill, and for the cable TV.  How do I fit THAT in to my equation?  Luckily, I am no math whiz, so I am going to ignore that question.)

Okay – some math.  If I use the thing for 10 months, that is $67.50 per month.  Whew!  Makes me sweat just thinking about it.

If I live long enough to get on the machine for 20 months (that’s almost two years!), it will cost me $33.75 per month.  Now that is about what Gold’s Gym Costs.

But I wasn’t going to Gold’s Gym, I was going to Planet Fitness for $10 per month, so, I have to bring the cost of my new treadmill down even further.

Treadmill2If the machine lasts as long as the Service Contract, I need to keep walking on it for 36 months.  $675 divided by 36 months is – wait until I get my calculator – $18.75 per month.

Still kind of expensive, but okay, 36 months it is.  If I am not pushing up daisies by then.  If the cup holder isn’t being used to hold a potted plant.  If I haven’t moved in the meantime.

Oh, come on.

You know what, it is the cheapest machine Sears had, so it doesn’t even LOOK pretty!

Let’s see – slant at 4, speed at 3, time at one hour . . . . . . . . .  later peoples. . . . . .


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