In my last entry, I quoted a researcher who said there are electromagnetic fields (EMF) everywhere, including our mattress springs.

You may have said to yourself – “baloney!”

Or some similar language.

Well, here is some first-hand testimony – from me!

Sunday, I wanted to watch the Green Bay Packers play the San Francisco Forty-Niners.

antennaI can’t afford cable, so all I have is a flat, RCA indoor antenna.  It picks up all the local channels, and, by law, a few of the local channel side broadcasts like 2.2, 4.2, 4.3, etc.

Depending on the weather, and the diabolical mood of the antenna, some channels flow, but others start-and-go..

To get a smooth show, I often have to “lay hands” on the antenna, hold it in my lap, or set it in a chair and prop my foot next to it.  I am NOT making this up.

If you are a baby-boomer, you know that what I am telling you is the truth – remember adjusting the “rabbit-ears” of our old televisions sets?  We would move them around until we got a great signal, BUT, as soon as we let go of the antenna, wonk!

Sometimes, we substituted a ball of aluminum foil for our bodies, but nothing seemed to work as clearly as our arms.

In other words, our bodies are acting like antennas!

What is so far-fetched as to assume our electric wiring and such isn’t doing the same thing?  Or the wires in our mattresses?

I rest my case.


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