DeadEndI have Windows XP on one of my laptops.  That operating system is due for  “end of life” April 8, 2014.  That’s all I needed to hear.

Kim Komando told Fox News “that doesn’t mean XP will suddenly stop working. You can keep using it if you  want, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  End of life means Microsoft won’t be releasing any more security updates to the  average user. Any security flaws that hackers find won’t be fixed. Your computer  will be a sitting duck, even with security software installed . . . this isn’t something special for XP. Microsoft has done the same with Windows 95, 98 and Me. Vista’s end of life  is April 11, 2017 and Windows 7’s is January 14, 2020.”

So, okay, I need a new machine with Windows 8, right?  But I hear that thing has too many glitches.  I bought a Windows 8 laptop, and found it WAS tricky to navigate.  Komando agrees: “Windows 8 is the only operating system available on new computers. When you try  it, you’ll find that it’s radically different from previous Windows versions.”

I took the thing back to the dealer when it locked me out on about day three. Now what am I supposed to do?

Komando trys to cheer me up: “If you think about it, XP will be nearly 13 years old. Like a teenager, it’s  having trouble adjusting to the world. In spite of a major overhaul with Service  Pack 3, XP just wasn’t built for the modern digital age. It’s missing key security features introduced in Windows Vista. It can’t  support the latest, safest and most Web-compatible versions of Internet  Explorer. It can’t take full advantage of the latest hardware advances.”

Yeah, that really makes me happy.

Then she hits me with this: “It’s going to be a serious change for many people. In most cases it’s going to  mean a new computer, upgraded software and possibly new accessories like  printers and scanners.”

That’s more than I needed to hear.


P.S. Follow the link to Komando’s own page where she lists three FREE security software titles.


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