TreadmillOkay folks, this REALLY happened to me yesterday.

I bought a treadmill from Sears so I could get ready for bad weather and save money not going to the gym.

I sent Gmail to my family with the following link inside it, and I swear within SECONDS, ads starting inserting themselves on the side of my Gmail home page.

Then wherever there was a couple of inches of space, the identical ad was inserted in a huge amount of the pages I surfed.

If you are Gmail user, try it.  Click this image, or some topic YOU have in mind, and see what happens.

Now, I understand that when I signed up with Google, I also signed something called a TERMS OF SERVICE.  The small print allows them to read my email and then get paid money from sponsors to spread the word about my buying habits.

I agreed to it, but it totally un-nerved me yesterday!

I guess this happens on all famous email packages like AOL, YAHOO, and HOTMAIL so we have to get used to it.

HOWEVER, I am waiting for this new search engine to add email service – STARTPAGE.  It will cost, but it will NOT read my mail AND/OR sell my information to sellers.

I can’t wait.


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