bacteriaLIVESCIENCE reports ” . . . studies have suggested that an increase in a group of gut bacteria called Firmicutes, and a decrease in a group of gut bacteria called Bacteroidetes, are linked with obesity.”

I want some of them Firmicutes,

Funny thing – I went on a Greek yogurt binge a while back.  I liked the idea of cultures running around inside me digesting my food.  I wasn’t on the diet long enough to show any results, but I think that may be related to other health problems.  The bugs probably did what they were supposed to do.

One other problem I had was the big container of Greek yogurt I bought.  It is more economical to buy the bigger portion at the store, and then measure out an ounce or two at bed time.  By the fourth day, however, the yogurt wants to separate.  It was just a tiresome process.

If I could afford it, I would buy the smaller cups of Greek yogurt, and be happy even if they didn’t help digestion.  It just feels neat to THINK I am eating healthy!

So, I hope more studies learn more positives about this Firmicutes, and they find a way to get it to more people!

“Research done on animals may provide clues about how gut bacteria affect weight gain. One recent study found that mice that received a “gut bacteria transplant” from an obese person gained more weight and fat mass than those who received bacteria from a lean person.”



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