wineI’m not a wine drinker, but I do have depression, so this announcement got me to wondering –

“Enjoying several glasses of wine each week may not only protect your heart, it  may also help protect your mental health, a new study suggests.

“Researchers in Spain have found that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol especially wine was linked with a lower risk of depression.”

Okay!  Sounds like a winner.

But then, I read lower on the page. . . .  “These results appear to contradict previous studies, which have often linked  drinking alcohol with an increased risk of depression.”


Further down the page, it goes on to say, “(Susan Ramsey) explained that because researchers did not include people who currently had  depression or took medication for it, as well as people with a history of the  mood disorder or alcohol-related problems, they were left with a sample that  might have been at low risk of developing depression, especially when  considering their older age.”

Oh, well.  Back to my Diet Coke and virgin olive oil for my kidney stones….  but that’s another story.



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