Every morning I like to read my paper in bed.  It isn’t easy, getting the pages to fall just the right way.  Eventually, I fold the last section into fourths so I can do the crossword puzzle, then do a couple of other brain teasers.

MEANWHILE, I feel like mites are flying off the paper and landing all over my face!

Say, what!

Bugs, all over my face!

Then I get done with the paper, and I can’t find any bugs anywhere.  Unless they are so darn small . . . . . . . .

SO, when I heard that the bedbugs were back in Wisconsin, I took notice – I mean, our family spent years in Wisconsin.bedbug

“Bedbugs have returned to Wisconsin, as public health officials say they’ve seen  a huge increase in the number of residents complaining about the pests in recent  years.

“The Milwaukee Health Department regularly receives calls from residents who  discover evidence of bedbugs in their homes,

“Robert Plummer, of Milwaukee, told the (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) he hasn’t slept in his bed for  two years since enduring two bedbug infestations in the 19-story, government  subsidized complex where he lives. Plummer is now afraid to return to the bed  where he was bitten, despite a plastic cover encasing the mattress.”


Something else to worry about!



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