JaneFondaWhen I saw that Jane Fonda was going to be included by President Obama in “A Celebration: 100 Years of Great Women,” I was so angry I didn’t even read the post on Facebook.

My ex reminded me about the entry, so I decided I better do some research before writing to the President and begging him to stay away from this traitor.

I don’t know how much is fact, and how much is fiction, but here are some snippets of what I found.  Then, I’ll explain how I feel.

Barbara Walters (not Obama) decided to honor her in a 1999 TV special called “A Celebration: 100 Years of Great Women.” . . .  Jane Fonda toured North Vietnam in 1972, that she engaged in what amounted to a propaganda campaign on behalf of the Communists, and that she participated in an orchestrated “press conference” distorting the truth about the treatment of American POWs. There’s no denying that she defamed the POWs by calling them liars when they later spoke out about their plight..  . .  Claim: Fonda betrayed POWs by turning over slips of paper they gave her to their captors. POWs were beaten and died as a result. Status: FALSE. Claim: POWs were beaten for refusing to cooperate or meet with Fonda during her visit. Status: TRUE.”

DAVID EMERY, About.com

So only half the rumors may be true.

I was born in 1945, and “The ‘Nam” is fresh in my memory.  I won a college speech contest supporting the war because we were afraid the neighboring countries would “fall like dominos.”  A couple of years later, the protests began.

I had a nervous breakdown while in the Marines, so I was never shipped overseas.  I did get an honorable discharge, buy my illness had a direct effect on my brand new family.  Years later I still have some symptoms of PTSD, mainly “survivors guilt.”

We were not the only ones – every single American from that era was touched in some way by that conflict.

I remember “Hanoi Jane” posing in pictures and “sharing the love,” with the enemy.  We were disgusted then.  We are disgusted now.  What was she thinking?  That she could use her charm to get everyone to “kiss and make up” after DECADES of civil war?  That she could – could – what?  I can’t fathom it.

Well, I guess having Barbara Walters honor her is bad enough, and I am very grateful that movement has not spread up to the White House – yet.  If Obama IS thinking about it, I pray he will think better of it, and not insult the veterans and their families who lived through that horrible time.  Research her first, Mr. President – she went to Hanoi when you were only eleven – find out for yourself why we call her a traitor.

This article is dedicated to Ron/Lee and Silas.


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