cashThe AP has given me one more reason to be stressed – “Being short on cash may make you a bit slower in the brain, a new study suggests.”

“People worrying about having enough money to pay their bills tend to lose temporarily the equivalent of 13 IQ points.”  THIRTEEN POINTS – Hey, I don’t have a lot of smarts to begin with.  This could get serious!

“The idea is that financial stress monopolizes thinking, making other calculations slower and more difficult, sort of like the effects of going without sleep for a night. . . .  If you are always thinking about overdue bills, a mortgage or rent, or college loans, it takes away from your focus on other things. So being late on loans could end up costing you both interest points and IQ points.”

Great – just when I am about to go out and eat with my best friend.  Of course, I will pay, since she is doing her share by driving 90 miles round trip!  I guess we can be stressed out together!


Dedicated to Marjie.


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