My dander is up.

(Pretty good for a bald guy.)

It seems a couple of green outfits have come up with a new bunch of B(arbara) S(triesand).

??????????????????They recommend, “putting more effort into fighting global warming than securing reliable supplies of fossil fuels.”

Sounds like more “coal killers” to me.  Coal and oil – two dirty words.  And people like this will never be convinced we NEED these energy sources until and IF something else really takes off and replaces our current needs.

Meanwhile, stop knocking people busting their backs to keep the US moving.  “The authors call the habitual American fixation on winning energy independence through expanded North American production of oil and natural gas “misguided.” They say the “only sustainable solution” to the problem of energy insecurity is not through more drilling, but through energy efficiency and renewable fuels, like biofuels to replace oil.”

Please don’t get me wrong – I am all in favor of solar power and bio fuels.  I think we should be cooking algae (NOT corn) in our engines, ALONG WITH COAL AND OIL.  But this article is personal.

And no, I do not believe in global warming.

Their is so much bias in this article, it is hard for me to be objective, so I will just give you the link and you can decide for yourselves.  Comments encouraged, and i will not censor them (keep it clean, please)



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