It must have been as far back as April 1 when I stretched my left shoulder muscles out of whack.

I was lifting and pulling weights at the gym – straining with the most repetitions I could squeeze out.  Even after it felt “wrong,” I kept going.

Finally, the pain became too much, and for the last few months I have confined myself to only an hour a day on the treadmill.

I went to a couple of doctors who didn’t know how to help me.  Finally, a third medical professional diagnosed what I had done – stretched the muscles between and around my biceps and deltoid.

She injected me with Depo Medrol steroid and told me to “take it easy” for two or three more weeks.

It still hurts when I accidentally stretch my arm.

Riverside2Today, I got a newsletter from my chiropractor that addresses this very issue.

“Repetitive stress injuries are typically very difficult to treat successfully. These injuries are the result of actions done repeatedly, frequently, and consistently over time. They’ve taken a long time to build up and, therefore, the healing process also requires a fair amount of time. Shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, and rotator cuff syndrome are examples of common repetitive stress injuries. These problems are also known as overuse injuries

“Treatment usually involves rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and even injections of steroid compounds.” RIVERSIDE SPINE AND WELLNESS CENTER.

Another specific problem is trigger points.  I have had shots in my back for these before.

“Trigger points in themselves may be very painful, and a trigger point also causes chronic fatigue in the muscle of which it is a part. When you try to use such a pre-fatigued muscle, damage to the muscle fibers and the tendon may result.”

I can’t wait to get back to “full-strength.” I just can’t avoid tweaking those dang muscles.


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