PaulMJ“Get back to where you once belonged.”

I’ve copyrighted a few writings in my life.  I’ve also had a few of my writings stolen out from under me.  I mean – plagiarism – theft!

I stopped writing for many years after a former friend who stole from me blithely indicated, “There is no such thing as “Intellectual property rights.” as he stole my work. I was in the US, and he was in England, so how could I bring suit.  Left a bad taste in my mouth.

I don’t know the circumstances of how Michael Jackson wound up with the publishing rights to the Beatles catalogue, but he did.  Now it looks like Paul will be getting them back.  Here is how  Cashbox Canada explains what is happening – although I really dislike the sentence that goes, ” It was considered underhanded by McCartney,”

“It seems Paul McCartney was smart and not happy to ‘Let It Be’ when it came to legal battle between the Sir Paul and Michael Jackson. The ‘cute’ Beatle recently won back the rights to his tracks under the Copyright Act.

“McCartney lost his publishing rights when Jackson bought the band’s famous music for what has been quoted as £31 million. It was considered underhanded by McCartney, after he and Jackson had formed a friendship after teaming up for the 1983 hit ‘Say Say Say’. Jackson outbid McCartney for songs that included ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Let It Be’.

I”t was reported that McCartney was disappointed that MJ did not leave him the rights in his will following his tragic death in 2009. The Sun newspaper quote said ‘”Paul’s been fuming for decades. It’s as much personal as business. Now he’ll get back what’s rightfully his.”

“Under the US Copyright Act, Sir Paul will be able to claim the titles and earn royalties and licensing money in five years time.”

In the interest of fairness, it should be known Paul is my favorite person on the planet aside from my family.




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