BigBrotherOn Coast to Coast AM last night, “privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht reacted to news that Apple was working on a patent that would allow the use of an  encoded signal that could turn off photo and video capabilities on its  phones, ostensibly to block recordings at concerts, movies, and similar  locations. Yet, Apple has admitted that this could also be used in law  enforcement or government situations, and this troubles Albrecht, who  lamented that the ability for citizens to act as watchdogs could be  curtailed.”

Imagine a crime or abuse going on, but your phone is blocked and you can’t contact anyone.  Didn’t something like that happen in Iraq a couple of years ago?  Didn’t the rulers turn off the Internet, preventing MOST coverage of deaths/abuse?

Apple, this scares me.

On the same broadcast Albrecht “reported a victory  against the use of ID badges with RFID tracking at a school in San  Antonio. Expelled student Andrea Hernandez, who protested the use of the  badges, has now been reinstated.”



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