MegaSamsung is releasing its GALAXY MEGA this Friday at AT&T.  Is this the “phablet” I’ve been waiting for?

I need a tablet-sized Internet device with a phone AND a QWERT keyboard.  See, my fingers just aren’t agile enough to handle those numeric keyboards so common on cell phones.  I just can’t text to anyone – sorry.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports “Smartphones are getting bigger as people use them more to watch movies and play games. A new one from Samsung is beyond big. With a screen measuring 6.3 inches diagonally, the Galaxy Mega is almost as big as a 7-inch tablet computer. The difference: It makes phone calls. Samsung says the Mega is a hybrid that combines the portability of a smartphone with the immersive experience that a tablet offers for movies, books, music and games. Phones of this size are typically referred to as phablets..” (1)

AT&T will sell the Galaxy Mega for $150 “WITH a two-year service contract.”  Aha – that monthly service fee might also be a deterrent for yours truly.

Meanwhile, the BBC broke the news about “Life with a wearable camera.”

“The wearable camera . . .  records still pictures everywhere you go, relying on five sensors to tell it when the scene has changed or something interesting may have happened. It is the first consumer product made by OMG, an Oxford-based firm whose technology involves tracking human movement, and has built a solid business in motion-capture and other special effects for the film industry. . . . The best thing about the Autographer is the software that comes with it, which allows you to store and organise the vast amount of pictures you generate by
date and location – and create time-lapse movies that give a kind of 1960s Super-8 feel to passing people and events.” (2)

At the end of the day (literally), a guest on COAST TO COAST AM told George Norry where all this is taking us, “First hour guest, the co-founder of ConceptLabs, Peter Cochrane,  gave an update on artificial intelligence and technology. On the  horizon are wearable technologies such as the smartwatch, and wearable cameras  recording everyday activities. Speaking of his individual cell phone,  he remarked, “there is more computing power, more memory, on this mobile  phone than was on the planet in 1956,” and that is the scale of the  great change that has taken place. He also noted how every new  technology that comes along displaces people and causes mayhem, but then  transforms society and creates new types of employment and  opportunities.”  COAST TO COAST NEWSLETTER


(2) BBC coverage


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