HHSSean Hannity reported on FoxNews August 20, “The Department of Health and Human Services has announced this week that it will be hosting a video contest: The “Health Young America” contest.  They will hold a contest to see who can produce the best videos to convince young people to sign up for Obama Care.  Winners will get cash prizes – more of your tax dollars!  So we are asking people to create government propaganda and them paying them with tax dollars.”

Hannity says “The administration is so desperate to get young people to sign up for Obama Care that it is willing to spend your tax dollars in ridiculous ways!  You need to understand that Obama Care’s “success” is predicated on the ability to get young, healthy people to buy into the system … hence the desperation.  You also need to understand that when you run the numbers, it is actually financially prudent for young, healthy Americans to simply pay the penalty rather than bothering with Obama Care exchanges. . . .   federal grants amounting to $684 million will be spent on ObamaCare “outreach” throughout the country.”

Texas governor Rick Perry added, “”If ObamaCare were sound health care policy, Secretary Sebelius wouldn’t have to  resort to video contests and prizes to tempt people to sign up. . . Texans are already subject to too much costly and burdensome federal  regulation, and ObamaCare only makes the problem worse.”




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