As a child I was traumatized by all the evil that befell Black Beauty.  How could all that evil be thrown at a living creature (told from the horse’s viewpoint).

I’ve ridden horses, and made friends with one nobody else liked.  In my own mind, it would be sacrilege to eat horsemeat.  But I know it happens.

I know there are wild mustang roundups in the American Southwest, and some of those horses are “culled.”

Why am I thinking such thoughts on this day in particular?

SickHorseWell, a horse pulling a carriage in Salt Lake City, Utah collapsed the other day.  It took a crane to get the poor animal to the vet, and I guess it will be “serviceable” once it is cured of the colic.

While the scene of the collapsed horse drew much media attention, it also drew the attention of the Humane Society, etc.  It seems major cities like Paris and London have banned horse-drawn carriage rides, and now attention is focusing on SLC along with other major US cities..

This might be a hard sell, since Utah is truly a “Western:” state in every sense of the word.  Rodeos are a really big show, and parades always have plenty of horses to help commemorate the pioneers.

Get rid of horse-drawn carriage rides?  What happens to the horses in that case?  Turned out to pasture?  I doubt it.  What do you think?



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