HaleyTwoI fell in love with Haley Mills in 1964 while in my 1953 Plymouth Coup.

Haley was on the screen in front of my car – we used to call them “Drive-In Theaters” back then – or “Passion Pits.”

The movie was THE PARENT TRAP, and it inspired me to start a scrapbook featuring Haley Mills.  Stupid for a guy, right?

Well, we aren’t talking about my teen-age crush, we are talking about Drive-In Theaters.

I can smell the popcorn.  I can see the children play at the bottom of the screen as we waited for dark.  I can barely see the first feature – there was always too much light.  I can remember double features with Vincent Price.  I remember neighbors piling the children in like cord wood – all for one price.  Then, they would spread out once the car was parked on a hill facing the stars.

But technology is driving them out, not in.

Their are only about 350 left in the US right now, and that number is going to go down rapidly.

You see, movie distributors are giving up on sending out 35mm print to theaters – any theater.  They only send out digital versions.  Cost to convert one old projector to a digital system – only about $70,000.  Heck, does a drive-in make that in a full year?  Sigh.

So, if you have a drive-in near you, go see as many movies as you can – before it is too late.



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