chopsticksAfter a hard morning of basketball, my chopsticks weren’t exactly clicking during lunch.

I’m usually quite good with the sticks, but today, the noodles just weren’t hanging on the way they usually do.

I’ll use chopsticks as much as possible – even carry a pair with me from time to time.  I eat ice cream with them.

Today, I was eating noodles and shrimp in honor of grandson Aidan’s 11th birthday.  Although he is thousands of miles away, I figured we could celebrate together eating the same food.

Any way, it was okay that the noodles were not cooperating – it slowed me down a bit.  I really do need to learn how to eat slower – better for the digestion, you know.  More polite.

When I was young, my mother used to watch me shovel it in as fast as possible and would gently say, “Slow down.  The hangman isn’t coming.”  I eat like every meal is my last one.

So, I guess I honored the memory of my mother by dropping a few noodles, and also honored Aidan’s birthday.



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