junctionOh, my heck, do I love a capella!

It’s not just because one of our boys sang professionally with VOCAL JUNCTION – that style of music just grooves my soul!

I love to sing along with Billy Joel’s FOR THE LONGEST TIME!

Some groups don’t put tracks behind BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S which just send me into orbit!

And who could forget WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO by Rockepella!

So, when four groups descend on a nearby forum, my ears perk up!

They call this particular gathering “acapellastock,” and tonight is the tenth anniversary show.

Wish my boys could be here.  Heck, I wish EVERYONE could be here to hear Nota, t Minus 5, The Fix, and Cadence.

It’s so much fun to sing along with stuff like ZOMBIE JAMBOREE by the Nylons, et. al.

So, what is YOUR favorite a capella group/song?

“I don’t care what consequence it brings
I have been a fool for lesser things”


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