sleepFor decades, I slept with a window cracked open, even in the middle of a Midwestern winter,

Not so much any more, but I know I should.

I also know we need to sleep in the dark – REAL dark.  A couple of years ago, I started blocking out my bedroom window.  You would be surprised to see how bright my clock and my radio glow!

When I wake up – after four hours or so – you can tell it has been a rough night because my bed clothes are ALL twisted up.

So, I am reading with interest this article from PREVENTION for August 16, “20 ways to sleep better every night.”  Some of these might ring a bell, so click the link at the bottom for the full article.

The, sleep tight.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite..

1. Set a sleep schedule—and stick with it

2. Keep a sleep diary

3. Stop smoking

4. Review your medications

5. Exercise, but not within four hours of bedtime

6. Cut caffeine after 2 p.m.

7. Write down your woes

8. Take time to wind down

9. Sip milk, not a martini

10. Snack on cheese and crackers

11.  Listen to a bedtime story

12. Stay cool…

13. …especially if you’re menopausal

14. Spray a sleep-inducing scent

15. Turn on the white noise

16. Eliminate sneaky light sources

17. Consider kicking out furry bedmates

18. Check your pillow position

19. Breathe deeply

20. Stay put if you wake up



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