antennasMicrowave ovens, cell phones, TV remotes, wireless headphones, GPS units, Internet antennas, and soon, a two-way wrist radio/TV.

I’m sure I have left something out, but for years, I’ve been worried about what all those invisible waves are doing TO us.  All that radiation can’t be good folks,  and we get more of them all the time.  In fact, I am prone to skin cancer, so I am particularly sensitive to this issue.

Today, as I was writing, I put some chicken in the microwave oven to cook.  POW, I lost my Internet connection.

As any good scientist will do, I conducted a series of experiments, and sure enough – microwave on, Internet off – microwave off, Internet on.

My microwave oven is between me and the Wi-Fi router for my apartment complex.  A direct line.

I told one of our sons about such things once, and he agreed – he is a Super-Techie – but added, “It’s a fact of live.  We live with it.”

But we ain’t gotta like it!


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