SeeSeaAs I once said, I wish we could “See the Sea.”  There are so many riches waiting for us in the deep blue, and we could start reaping the benefits with minimal costs.

Once someone takes a barge out there and scoops up the plant life available (and the fish if you aren’t a vegan), our world will change dramatically.

If we had only directed the money blasted off into space exploration into something a little closer to home, we would be so much better off.

It is too late to recover all those lost zillions of dollars shot off into space, but let’s not compound the injury.  For example, last night on COAST TO COAST AM,  “First hour guest, space historian Robert Zimmerman  commented on NASA and private space mission efforts. Congress wants to  fund the Space Launch System/Orion (SLS) which will cost around $3  billion a year. But the problem with this system is that it will only be  able to launch a mission once every four years, which is not a good  return on the expenditure, he remarked.”

Talk about throwing good money after bad!

To be fair, ” Zimmerman said he is  currently optimistic about space because private enterprise has really  energized the industry with competition. SpaceX, for instance, which is  gearing up for their first commercial geosynchronous satellite launch,  charges very little per launch, and that’s really shaken things up, he  said.”


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