DickTracyRumor has it Samsung is going to start selling a real Dick Tracy watch about September 4, according to FOXNEWS.

the watch will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 3. We already know the firm  is holding its second Unpacked event of the year on that date, making it the  ideal venue.”

If you are too young to know about the Dick Tracy wrist radio, this is what WIKI has to say:

“On January 13, 1946, (creator Chester Gould) changed Dick Tracy forever with the introduction of the 2-Way Wrist Radio, having drawn inspiration from a visit to inventor Al Gross. This seminal and fictional communications device, worn as a wristwatch by Tracy and members of the police force, became one of the strip’s most immediately recognizable icons, and can be thought of as an inspiration for later technological developments, such as cellular phones and later watch phones. The 2-Way Wrist Radio was upgraded to a 2-Way Wrist TV in 1964.”

FOXNEWS continues: “we don’t know much about the Gear, its design, or its features. As with all smartwatches, it’ll act as a second screen for your smartphone so it’s quicker and easier to see notifications without actually looking at your phone, making the Galaxy Note 3 the perfect release partner, given the potential size of its screen.   But as to its look (the image you see above is a concept created by DigitalTrends), specs, and other features, it’s all a mystery. Will we get a flexible screen? A dedicated application store?”

Let me know if you plan on standing in line waiting for YOUR Dick Tracy watch!


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