RiversideMy chiropractor sent out a newsletter today asking us to consider proper “Food Combining for Good Health.”

The Riverside Spine & Wellness Center explains, “Food combining involves combining protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal. This important step is the key to a healthy, optimally functioning metabolism. When your metabolic processes are working efficiently, you’re burning carbohydrates for energy. Your blood insulin levels are steady throughout the day. In contrast, without food combining, your digestive processes send unregulated amounts of glucose into the blood stream every time you eat a meal. The result is frequent swings in insulin levels and storage of these glucose molecules (broken-down carbohydrates) as fat. Long-term, over months and years, such eating patterns can lead to being overweight, obesity, and diabetes.”

FitForLifeThat reminded me of one of my favorite books of all time, FIT FOR LIFE by Harvey and Marily Diamond.  This series of books was started in 1985, and I wore out more than one copy.  I would send copies to anyone who would open the mail.

I still believe in everything the Diamonds wrote.

Not everone does.

Their logic as posted at WIKIPEDIA, however, still rings true to me:


Diamond claimed that if one eats the foods in the wrong combination they “cause fermentation” in the stomach. This in turns gives rise to the destruction of valuable enzymes & nutrients. Diamond categorized foods into two groups : “dead foods” that “clog” the body, and “living foods” that “cleanse” it. According to Fit for Life principles, dead foods are those that have highly refined or highly processed origins; while living foods are raw fruits and vegetables. The basic points of Fit for Life are as follows:

  • Fruits are best eaten fresh and raw. Where possible they should be eaten alone.
  • Carbohydrates & Proteins should never be combined in the one meal.
  • Water dilutes stomach digestive juices and should never be drunk at meals.
  • Dairy products are considered of limited value and due to their allergic capacity, should seldom, if ever, be eaten.


Now then, does my FIT FOR LIFE Bible jive with the lastest from my chiroptactor?

It seems to me they are at odds about combining carbs and proteins.

What do you think?


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